3 Lite Slider Window From Window World Bloomington

Bring a modern design to your new construction project with the 3 Lite Slider window from Window World Bloomington’s Performance Series line. The energy efficiency of the 3 Lite Slider window is the same that you have come to expect from all windows from Window World Bloomington. With it’s clean design and sleek look, the 3 Lite Slider is a great addition to your new home. Window World Bloomington is a leader in the industry with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all the windows we offer.

With sashes that lift out and can pivot for easy cleaning, the 3 Lite Slider window from Window World Bloomington is an excellent choice on your new construction for easy home maintenance. Slider windows from Window World Bloomington have high performance with a multi-chambered sash. The smart features of 3 Lite Slider window allow for easy operation. This Performance Series line window will compliment your new construction project.

3 LIte Sliding Window from Window World Bloomington Features:

  • Ease of Operation: By having a integrated pull rail, the 3 Lite Slider window from Window World Bloomington is easier to operate and glides smoothly.
  • Security: Want to sleep with your windows open? Dual ventilator locks allow you to open the window while your home remains secure.
  • Element Protection: In Bloomington, we can have extreme temperatures sometimes. With heavy-duty weatherstriping, you get element protection, no matter what the weather throws at you.
  • Prevention of Water Intrustion: With interlocking sashes, water stays out of your windows and keeps you safe and dry.

Technical Specifications on Window World Bloomington’s 3 Lite Slider Windows:

  • Constructed using a beveled exterior profile for a classic modern look and better curb appeal for your home.
  • Screens constructed using Clarity® mesh screens for a clearer sight line and unimpeded view of the beauty of the outdoors.
  • 3 Lite Slider windows from Window World Bloomington have a screen housed in a hidden track for added beauty and crisp lines.
  • A sloped sill construction prevents water intrusion and helps move water away from your home.

Need Energy Efficient Windows for Your New Construction?

Window World Bloomington is your source for windows for your renovation or new construction project from our Performance Line. Contact us or visit our large showroom and let our experts give you more information on windows for your home in Bloomington.