Egress Windows

Add valuable living space with new egress windows.

Homeowners in Illinois install egress windows in the basement. Egress windows provide a stylish solution to the lower area of your home while giving you easy access out of the window while you’re in the basements. Our custom windows are a great addition, as they add market value to your home, increase home safety, and revitalize the look of your home’s interior and exterior. Window World Bloomington can custom install your windows exactly the way you want them.

Benefits and Features of Egress Windows

To meet Illinois state residential building codes, the basement in your house must include at least one sizable egress window. Here are some other benefits of egress windows:

  • Home Value. Bringing basement bedrooms and other living spaces up to code means they can be included in the overall square footage of your home. Adding functional living space to your home is a smart way to increase buyer interest.
  • Natural Light. Egress windows can dramatically increase the level of light to dark basements, adding more natural sunlight and improving ventilation. With windows in your basement, you can enhance the room environment and reduce lighting costs.
  • Safety and Security. Egress windows serve as an emergency exit from your home if your family needs instant access. Installing egress windows in bedrooms and other living spaces provides your family with safe passage out of the house. It also gives first responders the ability to get into the house more quickly.
  • Style and Design. New egress windows will enhance the beauty of your home and add natural light. There are several options for customizing the look of your new windows. Window wells can be lined with materials including corrugated metal, wood, stone, and brick, giving you the ability to create a look that matches your personal style.

Window World Professional Window Installation

Since egress windows are as functional as they are stylish, you want to ensure that they are installed according to Illinois state residential building codes. Window World Bloomington contractors offer complete installation of all windows for homeowners in Bloomington, Illinois and the surrounding area. No matter what type of window you’re looking for or where you want it installed, we can do the job. We’ll meet with you to go over the details of the project and provide you with an honest, accurate estimate. We can install your windows in no time.

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