Siding Accent Options

Siding Accent Options From Window World Bloomington

Sometimes your home needs that “something extra” kind of touch that new trims and siding accents will bring. Window World Bloomington has accessories to add those final touches to the outside of your home to increase your curb appeal. We can turn your home from boring and drab to the eye-catching house on the block. We have a range of products for your special style that our installers with thoughtfully affix to your home to improve your home’s look today.

Could your home use a bit of repair or upgrade? Is your home just not “your” style? Soffit, trim, facia, and style accents from Window World Bloomington are just what you need to bring out your own personal style on your home. Like our other products, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our style accents from Window World Bloomington.

What Does Window World Bloomington Offer in Siding Accent Options?

Window World Bloomington has a wide range of accent options to help you put your personal touch on the exterior of your home:

  • Scallops: Scallops are no longer just for Queen Anne and Victorian Style homes. You can add your own touch of style by adding Scallops from Window World Bloomington’s line of siding accent options. Use scallops to set off different architecture on your home like eaves or entryways. Any style home can use scallops, your only limit is your creativity!
  • Shakes: Did you always want shake siding but were afraid of the upkeep? Now you can feature a small part of your home or the entire home with shakes from Window World Bloomington. Like our window and siding options, shakes are low maintenance. Get the look of shakes without the upkeep!
  • Accessories: Your new windows and siding from Window World Bloomington look amazing, but if you have old trim, your home just isn’t as good looking as it can be. Our wide range of accessories can compliment your new siding installation and the transformation of your home to the most fabulous house on the block!
  • Soffit: The soffit is the unsung hero of the siding world. Both functional and beautiful, soffit provides needed ventilation to your attic space while keeping out the pests who would like to make your attic their home. Window World Bloomington can install a seamless soffit that gets rid of unsightly seams and splits. Soffit is as important as siding, and we give you a wide range of color choices to match your siding perfectly.

Make Your Home Shine With Siding Accent Options!


Window World Bloomington is your source for siding and all the accents you need to personalize your home with your own style. Come see us in our large showroom and let our experts give you more information on windows for your home in Bloomington. Contact us today!