Window World vs. Competition

Compare our windows to the competition, and you’ll see why we’re the largest window replacement company in America.

Window World The Competition
Maximum Glass Space. Our slim-line frame design provides more glass space, increases visibility, and lets more light into your home Reduced Glass Space. A bulkier frame reduces glass space, which decreases visibility and light into your home.
Double Strength Glass. Double strength glass comes standard in all of our replacement windows. We back it with a Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty and a LIfetime Seal Failure Warranty when you purchase the Value Plus option. Single Strength Glass. Single strength glass is more prone to breakage. Other window companies have a pro-rated and limited seal failure warranty, and no glass breakage warranty.
Constant Force Balance. Window World’s constant force balance systems have been tested for up to 15,000 consecutive openings and closings without failure. This is a lifetime of openings and closings. If the stainless steel balance does fail, it can be easily replaced. Spring & Rope or Block & Tackle. Spring and rope or block and tackle balance systems are more prone to failure. When they do fail, they are nearly impossible to replace without cutting or taking the window frame apart.
Welded Corners. Welded corners are superior in strength and energy-efficiency. Mechanically-Fastened Corners. Mechanically-fastened corners that are not welded aren’t as strong and are less energy efficient.
Precision Finished Corners. Our precision four-point welder and state-of-the-art corner sanders produce a product that will work properly and look beautiful in your home. Poorly-Sanded Corners. Inattention to quality control makes for an unsightly corner.
Extruded Aluminum Screen. Screens are made out of rigid extruded aluminum and have a powder coat paint finish. The spline (the part that holds the screen in) is on the inside so it doesn’t deteriorate over time and creates a nice clean look. Roll form aluminum with keyed corners and visible spine. Screens designed using rolled form aluminum with keyed corners are flimsy and have unsightly splines.
Vent Latch. Vent latches are convenient because they can keep the window from opening completely. No Vent Latch. No vent latches give you a lower level of security.
Easy to Clean. Our windows tilt in so they are easy to clean from the inside of your home Not Easy to Clean. Windows that have to be cleaned from the outside can make routine maintenance much more difficult.
100% Pure Virgin Vinyl. Only 100% pure virgin vinyl is used, along with special UV inhibitors. These high-quality materials provide a consistent white color. Reground VInyl. Reground vinyl is used by some manufacturers and can have an off-white look to it. It is also more brittle due to all of the chemical processing that takes place prior to reuse.
22 Layers of Weather Stripping. Our windows are designed to stop drafts and maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home year-round. Minimal Weather Stripping. Less weather stripping means less insulation and more drafts.
Steel Reinforced Meeting Rail. Our windows have a steel reinforced meeting rail that is hurricane rated. No Reinforcing. Without added reinforcement, windows are not as sturdy and resistant to damage.
Wide Selection & Beautiful Showroom. Our customers can shop in our beautiful showroom and learn more about our selection of products. Limited Selection. Few competitors can match the wide range of quality products we are able to offer.

Window World Bloomington replacement windows have superior features and can easily compete with the other companies without the high price. Look outside and inside the window to compare before you buy. Stop by our beautiful and extensive showroom for an in-depth demonstration of our windows and their features, or contact us today!