Design Center

The most crucial part of the home improvement process is in the design phase. You can visualize what a finished window installation will look like using our online tools. Our Design Center brings your future project to life. The convenient “print” option gives you a hard copy of your choices during your in-home consultation. Simply click the options below.


The visualizer will demonstrate how new windows will improve the look of your home. Upload a picture of your home, start adding products and save your project. Once you have completed the design, contact one of our window experts for window installation.

Window Showcase.

Using the Window Showcase, choose from an array of window options and configurations. You choose color schemes, grid layouts, and glass designs. The Showcase allows you to select wall colors, molding, and floor options that resemble your room. You’ll have a realistic model of what the windows will look like in the room.

Siding Showcase.

Our Siding Showcase starts with selecting from three different house styles, including both one and two-story options. Choose from a variety of roof colors, siding styles, accents, trim, and shutter and door colors. We even provide recommended color and style pairings as a default, aiding the design process. Create your new home motif down to the smallest of details.


If you’re having trouble loading the design showcases, then please try the alternative Flash versions below. If you have any questions you can contact our team of experts!