Our story

Our Story

How did Window World Bloomington become the successful family-owned business that it is today? It all started with a wife’s intuition and a leap of faith.

Owners Paul and Johnette Palumbo, spent the early years of their marriage living and working in Chicago – Paul as a carpenter in construction, and Johnette in advertising. Wanting to escape the busy city life, they eventually relocated to Rockford, where, in 2005, Johnette was introduced to Scott Williamson. He was a client whose newly opened replacement window business – a Window World franchise – was taking off like crazy. Since Paul was talented in construction and great at working with people, Johnette thought Window World would be a natural fit for her husband. She convinced the two to get together to chat about the business, not knowing the discussion would change everything for her husband, her family, and even her own career.

Paul began accompanying Scott on busy appointment days, where he learned how to present Window World products, how to treat customers well, and how to provide excellent customer service. Scott was quickly impressed with his mentee. So much so that when Scott went on a trip in February 2006, he left his business in Paul’s hands. It turned out to be a wise decision; Paul made more than $30,000 in sales his first week, which is no small feat for a window salesman in Illinois, especially in the dead of winter.

Of course, Scott was more than happy with those results and continued to have Paul make calls. Within a year, Paul had more than a million dollars in sales. Scott rewarded him with a new vehicle, as well as a sweet offer: the Window World market in central Illinois was up for sale, and he wanted to partner with the Palumbos to open a new office in Bloomington.

Window World Bloomington opened in 2008 and for the first six months, Paul was exceptionally busy as he was still running appointments in Rockford too. The Palumbos had never planned on working together, but with the new business booming from the get-go, Johnette turned down an offer for an advertising position so she could run the Bloomington office for Paul. By 2013, the couple had bought out Scott to become the sole owners and operators of the Window World franchise in central Illinois.

Today, Window World Bloomington is more than a franchise; it’s a thriving family business that experiences growth every year. We strive to provide the best products and the best customer service at the lowest price to give our customers the best value with the highest level of integrity. Our success has created immense customer loyalty; customer referrals are our number one source for new business. It has also allowed the Palumbos to focus on the most important things in their lives: family, community, and giving back.


Window World Bloomington is proud to be a family-oriented business. If you’ve ever seen or heard any of our advertising in central Illinois, you’re probably familiar with the Palumbo daughters. Kaili and Siena have been involved in our ads since the beginning, appearing in our TV and radio commercials, direct mail flyers, and billboards. But that’s only when they’re not doing kid stuff, like cheerleading, school and club volleyball, or participating in a family tradtion: Hawaiian dance.

Johnette, a native of Hawaii, teaches Hawaiian dance and has a dance troop that includes her daughters and granddaughters (Kamokunani Hula Halau) who performs in the Bloomington/Normal and beyond areas sharing her culture with venues like Blair House, Sugar Creek Alzheimer Center and private events. It’s a fun way for the Palumbo’s to be together while giving back to the community through sharing the beauty of Hawaiian dance.

Johnette’s two older sons work with them in their Bloomington office Garreck, Senior Sales Consultant, Evan, Crew Leader for Installs, along with their nephew, Jacob, Salesman. A true family business.

Giving Back To The Community

The Palumbos see their business and its success as a blessing that enables them to give back to their community. Window World set a great example for the couple – the corporation asks customers to donate $1 per window purchased to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Window World Bloomington has raised significant funds for the organization this way, but the Palumbos have done more than simply ask customers for that extra dollar per window. They hosted a carnival-style benefit at their home that raised $5,900 for St. Jude, and want to continue doing more local events like it. Window World of Bloomington has also provided, for free, windows, siding and doors for a local Veteran and obtained friends to pitch in a new central heating and air (Pro-air) as well as full blown-in insulation.

Reflecting on how they have been blessed, the Palumbos believe their success is thanks to a leap of faith and sowing of seeds through the opportunity Scott Williamson gave them to own their own store. They will continue to sow good seed, starting the cycle again to reap a good harvest in order to bless others. One way Paul sows good seed is by mentoring the next generation of workers who want to build careers in the trade business. He has worked with workers from YouthBuild, a nonprofit that provides education and job skills to low-income and at-risk youth, and he wants to continue teaching young people the skills they need to enjoy successful careers in a growing and important trade.

Window World Bloomington also supports locally based charities and organizations such as Big Brother/Big Sister, the Baby Fold, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, ISU Community Days, and the Children’s Discovery Museum.