Whether you are replacing worn-out siding, upgrading your existing siding, renovating, or creating a brand new home, this is the perfect time to make a bold statement by choosing beautiful exterior accents. When it comes to creating fabulous curb appeal, exterior siding accents are the icing on the cake.


Siding accents offer design elements that can help a home blend seamlessly into a historic neighborhood or create eye-catching individual accents on a home. At Window World in Bloomington, we offer a wide range of exterior accents to help you customize your home’s siding. We’ve put together this handy guide to four bold exterior accents to customize your home’s siding.


1.      Seamless Soffit

It is easy to overlook the soffit, but it actually plays a very important role in keeping your home adequately ventilated. It also plays a key role in keeping critters out of your attic. The soffit is located on the underneath side of your roof’s overhang. The soffit is one of those important elements that if done right, no one will notice it at all. We offer a seamless soffit to perfectly match the color of your siding.


2.      Siding Shakes and Shingles

Shakes and shingles offer an incredible design statement in a home. In a world of seamless vinyl siding and modern, minimalist looks, siding shakes hearken back to a time when carpenters painstakingly split cedar siding by hand. A home doesn’t need to be covered in shakes to capture the charm of this incredible look. Used as an accent, shakes and shingles create a distinctive, rugged touch.


3.      Decorative Scallops

Once the domain of Victorian or Queen Anne homes, scallops have found a new life in the modern era as a bold and distinctive accent on all kinds of architectural styles. Scallops offer a beautiful way to break up the texture of a home. Use scallops to offset architectural elements like your home’s eaves, gables, or entryway.


4.      Striking Accessories

To help create a unique look that will make your home stand out, we offer a wide range of siding accessories. Moldings and mantels can help create a polished look. Shutters create a charming decorative accent. Eave brackets, lineals, and other details all add to your home’s eye-catching curb appeal.


Bloomington Siding Accent Remodeling Specialists

If you’re looking for unique ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, our professional siding experts at Window World Bloomington would love to help. Take a look at our online gallery to pick up some ideas for your project. Whether you are hoping to create a bold look or you simply want to update your classic home, our siding experts can help. To schedule your next remodeling project, call us at 309-827-5237 or contact us to discuss how we can make your design dreams come true.