Buying windows for your home isn’t always an aesthetic decision. New windows can also play a significant role in your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency. Having the right windows can help curb your home’s energy usage without having to compromise on your heating or air conditioning.

With so many types of windows on the market, choosing the best ones for your home can be a challenging process. Read on to learn about single pane, double pane and triple pane windows, along with their various advantages and drawbacks.


Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are the simplest and least expensive windows you can buy for your home. As the name implies, these windows house only a single pane of glass within their frames. Single pane windows come in a wide variety of styles and their affordability makes them perfect if you’re on a very tight budget.

Unfortunately, single pane windows offer zero insulation and, unless you use UV-blocking window films, little to no defense against solar heat. These windows also transfer noise more easily than double or triple pane windows.


Double Pane Windows

Instead of relying on a single pane of glass, double pane windows use two panes. The gap left between the two panes provides an insulating effect that reduces noise, heat transfer and condensation. For an even better insulating effect, many window companies fill the space with argon, an odorless and non-toxic gas that’s heavier than ordinary air.

Double pane windows are a bit more expensive than their single pane counterparts, but the initial costs can be offset by an increase in annual energy savings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, switching from single pane to Energy Star-qualified double pane windows can help homeowners save up to $465 a year.


Triple Pane Windows


Triple pane windows add yet another pane of glass to double pane windows, making them even more effective at reducing heat transfer and condensation. On a cold winter day in Bloomington, you’ll appreciate these windows’ ability to hold indoor heat. However, the extra pane of glass also adds weight and expense. You’ll also see little to no improvement in noise reduction when compared to double pane windows.

Whether your home’s undergoing a complete renovation or you’re replacing a damaged window, Window World of Bloomington can help you find windows that that work best for your home. Contact us today for your next window replacement.