The benefits of new window installation include improving aesthetics, lowering energy costs, and having a home that is “ready to show,” when it comes time to sell. Upgrading an old house by installing new windows is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of the home.


Homeowners can confidently invest in new windows because the return on investment (ROI) is excellent when compared to other types of renovation projects for a home. Everyone loves a house with new windows.


Old Windows Severely Lower Resale Values


When potential buyers come into a home that's for sale, damaged windows could create a negative impression.


A potential buyer can look at the house's windows and immediately see if they are new or in poor condition. If they are old and falling apart, this is a real turnoff, which may result in a lower offer to buy the home or even no offer at all. When the windows are bad, people automatically wonder what else is wrong with a property that is for sale.


The Best Renovation Projects Include New Windows


Window World  Bloomington serves surrounding Illinois areas. Each year, a construction industry survey is made to determine the ROI for renovations. The ROI is the percentage of recoupment of the amount of money invested in a construction project. In the Bloomington and surrounding areas, the cost-versus-value analysis made by the remodeling association for 2018 shows that wooden windows have an ROI of 67.2% and vinyl windows have an ROI of 70.8%. New windows are in the top five of the highest ROIs for renovations, along with new siding, kitchens, and stone facades.


Explanation of the ROI for New Windows


When considering which type of renovation project is the best for improving a home’s resale value, the higher the amount of the investment recouped, the better. A great way to think about this is using the ROI as a discount on the costs. For example, if the ROI is 70.8% this is like getting about 70% off the price of the new windows. A calculation of energy savings also needs to be done because that offsets all or part of the investment in the new windows as well.


The homeowner has the benefits of enjoying the new windows. Lower energy costs help the homeowner pay for them, and then the owner gets back most, if not all, of their investment when the home is sold. This is why investing in new windows makes good sense.


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