When you’re looking for ways to create a new look for your home, there are plenty of window options to choose from. The style of window added to a space can completely change the look of a room. Years ago, glass block windows were one of the most popular looks for homeowners due to their addition of privacy and style in a room. Homeowners may be surprised to learn that these stylish window blocks are making a comeback in recent years.


In this post from your Window World Bloomington team, our replacement window team talk about some of the exciting ways glass block windows are being used in Illinois homes. Read on to see some of the most creative glass block window solutions homeowners are trying out these days.


1.      They’re Perfect for Bathrooms.

One of the age-old questions homeowners face is how to create privacy in a large bathroom without putting up a wall. One reason block windows are coming back in style is they offer a perfect solution for this problem.


Block windows allow natural light to filter in while preserving the privacy of a bathroom space. They also work well as a barrier between your bathroom and shower area. These luminescent blocks look beautiful when juxtaposed against the texture of a mosaic tile floor design.


2.      They Can Be Used to Create Custom Looks.

When you think of glass block windows, you probably think immediately of the traditional glass squares that were so popular in the early part of the twentieth century. But the truth is that glass bricks are available in a wide range of shapes, textures, and even colors.


They also come in different dimensions. Imagine octagons, circles, or jewel tones. Whatever look you envision, we love working with Bloomington homeowners to create creative designs for their homes.


3.      Glass Block Windows Make Stunning Bow Windows.

Bow windows and bay windows are a beautiful way to add light to your living space while enhancing the room’s design. But we can work with glass block windows to create a stunning curved design using glass bricks. The end result will resemble a bow window or a bay window but with the dramatic flair and privacy of glass blocks.


Create a Bold Glass Block Window Replacement Look

If you’re looking for a bold new look for your home that preserves your home’s privacy without putting up walls and shutting out light, consider glass block windows. There’s a reason these beautiful window designs are making a comeback. Their simple, classic design works well with any number of home designs while at the same time serving as an attractive feature on their own.


At Window World Bloomington, we work with Illinois homeowners to design unique looks that work well for their needs. Check out our Design Center to learn more about some of the options that are available for your home. Then give our window replacement team a call at 309-827-5237 or contact us to discuss your ideas.