It’s no secret that technology has vastly improved our lives in the past century. It touches our daily lives in every way from the introduction of mobile phone technology to medical and vehicle technology improvements that quite literally save lives. But technology has also changed our lives in many ways we often take for granted.


When it comes to home siding, the options available today are vastly improved over those of the past. If you’re considering replacing your home’s siding, there’s never been a better time. In this post, our home siding replacement contractors at Window World in Bloomington talk about how the siding of today has changed from your grandparents’ siding options.


What Was Yesterday’s Siding Like?

Siding has existed almost as long as humans have lived in manmade dwellings. In many cases, siding options were regional throughout history and impacted by the availability of resources.


However, the Industrial Age and the accompanying increase in mass production created a wider availability of siding options in the twentieth century. Like today, homeowners of just a few decades ago had plenty of siding options available to choose from. Earlier versions of vinyl were much less sophisticated than siding manufactured today. In addition to brick, stone, and masonry, homeowners could also choose from aluminum or asbestos siding.y


A Wide Array of Options

Over the years, siding has changed significantly. One of the key changes is a much wider availability of color choices. In the past, homeowners were limited in the siding options available from manufacturers. If they wanted something different, they would need to choose a siding option that could be painted, adding to the expense of siding installation and creating an extra step. However, siding manufacturers of today offer a much broader selection of colors which are ready to go. Modern siding is also available in a wide range of looks which can mirror the look of other siding options like traditional cedar shake panels.


Here are a few more advantages of modern siding:


●        Lower environmental impact

●        Higher performance

●        Insulated siding systems


Order Your Bloomington Siding Replacement Today

If you’re considering replacing your home’s siding, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge. From Rigidlock systems to reinforced vinyl siding, today’s siding solutions can create a powerful protective envelope around your home and help you save on your energy costs. They’re also available in more stunning design options than ever before and come with a lifetime limited warranty you can transfer when you sell your home.


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