Did you know that window and door sales are expected to increase by approximately 5 percent annually until 2021? This predicted growth is driven by the vibrant new housing activity for both residential and commercial buildings, according to the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA).

Windows and doors are an important component of every home’s security, energy efficiency, and décor. Before installing or replacing them, you must carefully consider those three elements. Window companies have moved a notch higher with providing various options for consumers. We have gathered all that information and provided you with the fantastic window and door options for 2018.

Vinyl Siding

While all patio doors enjoy popularity, two-panel vinyl siding commands the largest market share. Vinyl siding is an ideal selection for clients looking for cutting-edge products. It resembles natural wood with a cedar texture. Also, its nail hem dramatically increases its performance. The model is a suitable siding replacement. You can use it on patio or sliding doors as it is resistant to harsh weather.

During siding installation for your entry doors, you can fix the siding. It has a solid color and it doesn't blister or flake easily. Also, its rigid wall attachment increases the siding's performance and it is appropriate for entry doors. Moreover, it straightens the wall lines.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have a beveled and lean external profile that gives them an elegant look. Upon purchasing new windows, you also get recessed locks, which offer high security. Besides, they contain concealed screen tracks that don't obstruct your view.

Double-hung vinyl windows continue as the most preferred and popular residential design in the market. They have continued to grow in popularity by an average of eight percent annually since 2013.

During your window replacement process, you need to include a jamb liner casing that provides a clear interior view of your house. The windows have a wonderful thermal performance. Furthermore, they have insulating glass covers, which improve your airspace throughout the year.

Bay and Bow Windows

While constructing your window heads and jambs, it's crucial to use 1.25-inch veneer. You can insulate the window's seat board to reduce your home's energy consumption and to enhance its interior appeal. Bay and Bow windows have varying opening sizes. You can find them in box style or 3-lite configurations. Also, their seat boards and heads have varying inlay and wood grain selections.

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