Homeowners who live in older homes appreciate the charm and warmth of their quirks and imperfect details. However, these imperfections can also come with their share of headaches. One of the biggest issues homeowners face with older homes is the need to constantly repair and replace outdated windows.


Damaged and aging windows in an older home can end up costing you money on your energy bills and make your home susceptible to break-ins. But the cost of replacing your windows all at once can be prohibitive for many homeowners. In this post, our window replacement team at Window World in Bloomington will talk about how staggering your window replacement over a few years can help with your budget. 


Developing a Plan

A staggered window approach is an ideal plan for replacing the windows in your home if budget restrictions are a concern. Rather than replacing all of your windows at once, you can stretch out that expense into many payments over time. But which windows should you replace first? The key to the staggered window approach is to create a plan based on replacement priority. You’ll need to determine which windows can wait and which need to be replaced right away.


Here are a few things to consider:


1.      Damaged Windows

If you’ve got windows with clear signs of damage, they should be first on your window replacement list. Any window that is cracked or clearly broken around the frame needs to be replaced first. Check your windows for drafts around the edges and moisture infiltration. All of these are indications of damaged windows that should be replaced.


2.      Cosmetic Appearance

Once you’ve replaced those windows that are in the worst shape, think about replacing the windows that can most improve the look of your home. The windows that are visible from the street can dramatically improve your home’s appearance. You’ll also want to replace the windows in rooms where guests will be such as the living room and guest room.


3.      Insulation

Finally, it’s time to think about increasing the insulation in your home. Each window in your home works together to create a thermal envelope or a protective envelope that helps keep your home comfortable no matter what time of year it is.


Create Your Bloomington Staggered Window Replacement Plan

If you’ve been postponing your window replacement due to budget concerns, it’s time to be proactive and create a plan that gets you the windows you need. At Window World of Bloomington, we love working with homeowners to help them on their terms.


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