If you’re a Bloomington homeowner, your energy costs every winter can be a source of frustration. After all, it can get pretty cold here in Illinois, and when the temperature drops, your energy expenses tend to rise. That’s why one of the best investments you can make in your home is installing features that help reduce your home’s monthly energy costs.


Energy-saving solutions help you save money in two ways. Not only do they help you reduce your bills, but they also add to your home’s overall value, providing a powerful ROI. In today’s post, our replacement window installation team at Window World in Bloomington discuss how Window World windows can increase your energy savings.


Recommended by Home Improvement Professionals

With the recent increase in interest in home improvement, home improvement-based reality shows have also gained popularity. Experts featured on these shows offer a wide range of advice on how to improve the look and ROI or a home. But one common thread seems to run through all of them.


Across the board, experts are recommending replacing the windows of older homes with new, energy-efficient replacement windows to increase a home’s value. Home improvement professionals indicate that replacing older windows helps increase a home’s interior comfort level, lower utility bills, and increase a home’s overall value. Typically, these windows will eventually pay for themselves.


Choosing Your Replacement Windows

When you’re researching your home’s next set of windows, it’s important to keep both energy efficiency and style at the forefront of your decision. Additionally, it’s important to ask the right questions. Here are a few you should consider:


1.      What is the warranty offered on the windows my family is considering?

2.      What styles are available to complement the exterior of my home?

3.      What type of window do I need for my home?

4.      How long will they last?

5.      Are gas-infused panes available?

6.      Does the manufacturer offer UV coating for my new windows?


Install Bloomington High-Performance Replacement Windows in Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling to increase your ROI or simply replacing a few windows to help with energy costs, Window World windows increase your savings and your home’s value. All of our Window World Windows are backed with a powerful warranty. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles for your windows to match the look of any home.


Summer is a perfect time of year to install your replacement windows from Window World in Bloomington. Visit our Design Center to choose the windows that look best for your home. Connect with our home improvement contractors by calling our team at 309-827-5237 to discuss what options are available and get a quote, or contact us to find out more.