When you take on a home improvement project, you’re entrusting your home to the professional contractors you hire. That’s why it’s important to make sure the team you hire to help with your window replacement or siding installation is going to take good care of your home.


At Window World in Bloomington, we pride ourselves in bringing a high level of experience, professionalism, and knowledge to your home improvement project. We’re pleased to share that our home improvement contractors hold several accreditations and awards including AAMA Gold Label Certification. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association, or AAMA, offers several levels of certification, of which their Gold Label certification is the highest. Here’s what our Gold Label status means for you as a homeowner.


Who is the AAMA?

The AAMA is an organization that focuses on the fenestration industry, or the industry concerned with the openings in a building such as a window or door. Part of the organization’s focus is to establish standards and recommendations for quality fenestration professionals to follow. In order to receive the AAMA authorized label, a contractor’s products must meet all of the organization’s guidelines for that label.


Holding the AAMA label means a company has done the following:

●        Passed stringent tests at an authorized AAMA testing facility

●        Certified that each unit installed adheres to the same specs as the unit tested

●        Undergone annual checks of quality


AAMA Gold Label Certification

To receive the AAMA Gold Label, a door or window must undergo testing to demonstrate its thermal performance and condensation resistance. That means all of our products have passed the test for air, water, and structural integrity.


Every component of a window or door must pass the AAMA testing, including its sealants, glazing tapes, and other elements. The end result is a window or door that stands up to extreme weather and helps homeowners increase their energy savings. It also means your home will be more comfortable no matter what time of year it is.


Bloomington High-Performance Windows and Doors

At Window World in Bloomington, our AAMA certified products include a wide range of windows and doors for every budget and style. Whether you’re replacing the windows in your home or you’re adding a more efficient patio door, we’ve got beautiful options that will look fantastic in any style of home.


With our AAMA and Energy Star certifications, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you made the best decision for your home and future. We also back all of our windows with the Good Housekeeping seal. To speak with our replacement window contractors, call us at 309-827-5237 or contact us to get your free estimate.