Winter and springtime in Minnesota can be beautiful, but they can also bring wild weather that puts your home’s performance to the test. When cold fronts and storm fronts roll in, strong winds, flying debris, snow, sleet, and heavy rains can end up wreaking havoc on your home’s windows. Unfortunately, what starts off as small or barely noticeable damage can quickly escalate into a more serious problem if left unattended.


That’s why it’s important to understand how storms can affect your windows and assess the damage after a storm, repairing it quickly. Our window installation and repair experts at Bloomington in Window World have more than two decades of experience working to repair storm damage. Here are a few of the biggest ways storms affect your windows.


1.      Damage from High Winds and Debris

One of the main problems after a storm is the damage done by high winds and debris. Strong winds alone can threaten the structural integrity of a window if it’s not very well constructed.


They can also knock down trees and branches that can end up making contact with your windows and causing serious damage. Strong winds can also whip up debris that can crack your windows, chip paint, and damage window frames.


2.      Hail Damage

Like flying debris from high windows, the damage from hail can easily break the glass on your windows. It can also dent your window frames or even glass.


Compromised glass needs to be addressed immediately so it doesn’t pose a safety hazard to you or your family. What begins as a small chip can easily turn into a more serious problem the next time there is a rapid temperature drop.


3.      Water Intrusion

Intrusion from water can cause all kinds of damage to the interior of your home. Even small amounts of water can create health risks by providing a cozy environment for mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive.


Water damage around your windows is particularly tricky because it’s not always visible upon a cursory inspection. When in doubt, call in our team of experts to examine your windows.


Bloomington Replacement Windows

Don’t take a risk with your home. If you’ve recently been through a round of serious weather, you may have damage to your windows that could become serious if not repaired soon.


Let our team of replacement window installers examine your home and determine if you need to repair the damage or install replacement windows. To speak with a member of our window installation team, call us at 309-827-5237, or contact us to get a free estimate for your replacement windows.