Your home’s siding plays an important role in protecting it against the elements. It also helps determine your energy costs throughout the year. Whether you are replacing your existing siding or choosing new siding for a new construction project, picking the right siding for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make.


At Window World in Bloomington, we can help you protect your home while maximizing your home energy savings with our premium siding option from Prodigy. Prodigy’s high-performance premium insulated vinyl siding can protect your home throughout the year with its quality construction.


The Importance of Good Siding

Siding is what protects your home from damage caused by the forces of nature. It provides a barrier against precipitation like rain, snow, ice, sleet, and hail. It protects against damage from mold and mildew as well. Good siding also helps keep your home warm and cozy when those winter chills start to take over.


Poor siding can allow air to pass through, causing energy to be lost and creating higher utility bills, while high-performance siding can actually lower your utility costs. Because your siding creates the look of your home, you need a siding option that is both beautiful and will stand up over the test of time.


Insulated Siding Protection

Prodigy insulated vinyl siding protects your home by wrapping it in a thermal envelope. The thick foam acts a heat shield, helping you maintain the perfect temperature in your home. This innovative technology helps keep your home warm during the cold Illinois winter while offering protection against heat during the summer. Interlocking panels and structural integrity protect against the growth of mildew or mold while at the same time preserving the ideal temperature indoors.


High-Performance Siding that Will Last

Its engineered vinyl surface and secure seams will repel even to worst downpours, protecting your home from the wild weather we can see in Illinois. Its panels are secured with integrated locking mechanisms, creating a completely watertight barrier.


Because it is manufactured from high-performance vinyl, you don’t have to worry about fading or damage over time. It is designed to stay securely fastened with no tearing or rattling even in the highest of winds. Prodigy believes in their product so completely that their vinyl siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Bloomington Siding Installation Experts

Whether you are creating your dream home with a new build or you are ready to update your home with a completely new level of protection, our siding installation professionals can help. We offer a wide range of fade-resistant color options from the Contemporary Color Collection the Architectural Palette.


With Prodigy vinyl siding, your home will be protected while still looking freshly installed for many years to come. Contact our team at 309-827-5237 to find out more about your new siding, or contact us to learn more about our Prodigy insulated siding installation.