Windows play an important role in your home. They allow just the right amount of light in to connect you with the world outside of your home. One of the most important design considerations when it comes to choosing a window for your home is the level of privacy they offer.


Whether you are replacing an existing window with a different option or completely updating the look of your home, you need to know your privacy is protected. At Window World in Bloomington, we can help you determine which privacy windows offer the best level of privacy for your home.


Privacy Window Options

There are often spaces in your home where privacy is a concern even though windows are necessary. Privacy windows can also allow light to pass between two internal spaces by creating an indoor barrier. Choosing a window for privacy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. In fact, some of the most beautiful window options are those which allow light into a space without the need for blinds or window coverings.


1.      Glass Blocks

Ditch the need for heavy drapes and window coverings with beautiful, classic glass blocks. These gorgeous glass bricks first came into fashion in the 1930s and saw a revival in the 1980s before finally finding their way into mainstream architecture as a classic element. Glass blocks offer a versatile look that blends well with a wide range of architectural styles. In one space, they can add an industrial element, while in another, they add to the sense of clean lines and minimalist elements.


2.      Decorative Glass

Decorative glass windows are a popular style for both kitchens and entryways. They offer a reduced glare while still allowing light to pass through. Whether you choose frosted or textured glass, these beautiful designs can create a romantic look in almost any home. Our decorative glass windows are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs.


3.      Custom Sizes and Shapes

Whatever the style of your home or your personal taste, our window replacement experts can help you find the right option. We offer a wide range of options including casement, awning, basement hoppers, in-swing egress, and single hung. We also offer architectural shapes for your home’s unique architectural style. We can match your new windows to your home’s exterior color, which means your new privacy windows will blend seamlessly into your home.


Bloomington Privacy Window Professionals

Privacy windows offer beautiful, clean lines without the need to clutter up your space with draperies and curtains. Our window replacement and window installation experts understand a wide range of architectural styles and needs and can help you make the right decision for your home. Whether you are looking to brighten up a space or simply update an existing room, we can help.


Take a look at our window project work and get inspired.  When you’re ready to get the windows you’ve always dreamed of, call our window installation experts at 309-827-5237 to get started on your new windows, or contact us today.