Whether you live in an older home and want to preserve its unique charm or something a little more modern, your windows are one of its most important features. Windows can open up a space, connecting the inhabitants of your home to nature outside while offering protection and safety.


With beautiful, strong windows, you can enjoy great ventilation as well as protection from wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. But when those windows start to age or show signs of damage, the rest of your home is at risk from water and mold damage. Our window replacement professionals at Window World in Bloomington are experts in helping you get the best windows to suit your needs. If any of the following criteria apply to your home, it may be time for you to replace the windows in your home.


1.      Your windows have clear and visible damage.

Whether it’s a winter storm or just high winds, wild weather can take its toll on your windows. If your windows have obvious chips or cracks, this is a sure sign it’s time to replace your windows. We can replace your existing windows or help you choose something that offers better protection against future storms and inclement weather.


2.      Your energy bills are too high.

One of the less obvious signs of trouble with your home’s windows is a jump in your monthly energy bills. This may mean that your windows are not sealed properly or have hidden drafts. Check around the interior side of your windows for cool air. You may also be able to see some moisture collecting inside your windows that indicates a leak.


3.      Your windows do not match your home’s style.

Beautiful old homes can be full of charm and style. However, in the long life of most homes, at some point, someone with less than ideal taste may have come along and made an unfortunate window or decor decision. Whether you live in a darling little Sears bungalow or an ultra-mod, mid-century home, our window replacement experts understand what works well with every architectural style. We can help you make the best decision and create the look your home deserves.


4.      Your home could use some updating.

Over the course of time, almost every window may need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s just time for a new look. Window technology has come a long way in recent years. Few things add to your home’s curb appeal faster than fresh window updates. Our window replacement professionals can help you choose the right windows to create a look you will love coming home to day after day.


Bloomington Window Replacement Professionals in Illinois

Your windows are the connection between your family and the world outside of your home. If your windows need replacing, why wait? Whether you need to replace a cracked pane after a winter storm or you’re ready to update your Queen Anne, our window replacement team can help.


We can help you determine which windows are right for your home and offer you a look you can take pride in. Learn more about our beautiful window options by taking a look at our portfolio to get ideas. Call our team at 309-827-5237 to schedule your new window installation, or contact us to discuss which options will work best for your home.